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Children & Young People's Services - Annual Impact Report 2022 - 2023

Shine Service

SJMT was thrilled to be working with young people again after over 60 years by appointing a Young People's Service Manager in November 2022. This has enabled us to bring to life our plans made through analysing and reflecting upon information gained from working with People Too during 2021.

Shine was created as SJMT’s service offer to young people and aims to create brighter futures for the most disadvantaged young people by providing support and education to care experienced or care leavers who want to take control of their future,

By working with schools and young people's homeless services, we have gained valuable insight to help us understand the importance of Shine and for it to be inclusive of young people who may not be looked after children or care experienced but are without parental support and on the edge of homelessness.

Shine has also signed up to the Care Leaders Training Service which includes a series of webinars created and delivered by care leavers and this has really helped to keep our focus on the voice of experience and the need for Shine to be attachment informed and rooted in

an awareness of the impact Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) have on shaping patterns of

behaviour in adult life.

Young People's Housing Services

Since 2021, it has been a priority for SJMT to create 6 brand new affordable homes (almshouses) for young people who are care leavers or who are homeless or at risk of becoming


This year we got closer to this becoming a reality and by March 2023, we had appointed a firm of architects to help, with young people, create plans that we can submit to planners. We are very much looking forward to sharing more information about these plans during the next year.

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To read the 2022 - 2023 Impact Report in full click here.

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