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Thank you for visiting us.

We are SJMT: a family of charities & community of people supporting those most in need in the West Midlands. 

We want everyone, regardless of age or circumstances, to feel secure, have opportunities and to thrive. 

The services we provide include:

  • Safe, affordable and well-maintained alms-housing

  • Residential and extra care

  • Community and housing related support

  • Services to advance the opportunities of children and young people in need

Everything we do is rooted in our 370 year history and driven by our vision for the future.

The Trust is made up of seven separate charities governed by one board of trustees.   We are also a Housing Association registered with Homes England and our care services are CQC registered.

Our Vision
A future where all people have a great place to call home, are part of a thriving community and have opportunities to achieve their potential.
Our Mission
Our family of charities strive to improve lives and create opportunities by providing quality homes, care, support, and education.
Our Values
Honesty – we are transparent and accountable in all that we do.
Innovation – we are original, creative, and future focused.
Inclusivity – we believe everyone should have the same opportunities no matter their differences.
Personalised – we believe that no two people are the same and we treat everyone with dignity.

Fun – we want to be a great place to work and receive support.
Excellence – we want to be recognised for providing quality services & support.
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