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Oak Tree House Trust

Oak Tree House Trust (formerly Central England Quaker Old People’s Fund Trust) was founded by the Central England Quakers in 1952 as a Trust Fund to be used for charitable purposes to benefit the ‘aged’ and particularly, local older Quakers. From the founding of the charity, trustees had intended to use part of the funds to build a home for older people and a site was identified on the Bournville Village Estate in Oak Tree Lane.  Work commenced on the design and building of the property in the early 1960’s and it was completed in November 1964.  It has continued to provide a home and community to many older people for over 50 years. 


The charity joined the SJMT family in September 2022.  SJMT has a strong historical connection to Bourneville and the Central England Quakers and welcomes this charity to our Trust. Sir Josiah Mason built Woodbrooke House as his home which today is a Quaker College and retreat just down the road from Oak Tree House.  Quakers including Cadbury’s were also Trustees at SJMT for many years. Oak Tree House enables us to continue this tradition with the introduction of a Quaker Advisory Group at Oak Tree House who will meet Quarterly with the CEO and Chair of SJMT.

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