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The importance of responsive repairs - Annual Impact Report 2022 - 2023

In the fourth part of our Annual Impact Report we look at repairs and maintenance, a hugely important area for our residents, and therefore a top priority in our annual survey.

This year we used the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) to collect the views and 13 experiences of our residents in regard to responsive repairs. We were delighted that 100% of respondents were satisfied with the repairs undertaken with 65% of these reporting that they were very satisfied. This is a 7% increase in overall satisfaction and above the target of 95% which we set for this year. Satisfaction improved in every area bar one compared with 2021-22.

In total, we processed 2,508 repairs in the year compared to 1,799 last year and 1,482 repairs in 2021. This is significant increase on previous years with the largest number of repairs taking place at Mason Court & Alexandra House.

We are pleased to report that 99.7% of total reactive repairs were completed within our target timescales compared to 97.4% last year and 98.66%. We met or exceeded all internal performance targets during the year.

To view the full survey results in the Annual Impact Report, click here.

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