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Resident Engagement and Involvement

The third section of our 2022-23 Impact Report covers Resident Engagement and Involvement in Housing Services.

SJMT is committed to the involvement and engagement of residents in matters of operations, strategy and governance and we use a quarterly Resident Forum to enable us to hear the voices of our residents and for them to influence housing related policy/practice, strategy, reporting/performance and change.

During 2022/23, the Forum have worked on a number of significant projects, including:

  • Agreeing to a Tenants Charter for SJMT

  • Helping shape our next 5 year Strategy

  • Overseeing the implementation of our Resident Engagement & Involvement Strategy

  • Reviewed the Activity Coordinator role

  • Reviewed the Laundry provision in larger schemes.

In addition to our regular Residents Forum, during 2022, we were delighted that residents at SJMT could also be part of another project - the Almshouse Resilience Communities (ARC) for the Future. ARC is a research project funded by the Dunhill Medical Trust and led by University of Central London (UCL) and runs from February 2022 until July 2024.

SJMT is one of seven almshouse charity partners in the project and throughout June and July 2022, the researchers immersed themselves into the communities of SJMT spending time at our two largest sites of Olton and Shirley.

Residents from both sites got involved by becoming a part of the residents research group, attending meetings with the researchers and visiting other Almshouses on the project. This was an opportunity to learn about other Almshouse charities and to see the support and facilities they provide their residents as well as providing an opportunity to share best practice across all the organisations.

SJMT will be welcoming the researchers back next year and continue to be engaged in this research to help model best practise across alms housing.

If you would like to read our 2022-23 Impact Report in full click here.

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