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Dementia Action Week

One in three people born in the UK today will go on to develop dementia and there will be one million people living with dementia by 2025 making dementia care one of the greatest challenges facing our society.

In recognition for Dementia Action Week (17th - 23rd May) we started a memories board in both Alexandra House and Alexandra Court.

Pictures of the residents in their younger years will be displayed in order to bring back memories of happy times in their lives. More will be added as and when we receive them.

If your loved one lives at either Alexandra House or Court and you have a photo that you would like us to share, please contact reception or hand them in to the carers when you next visit.

We have also recently purchased bright coloured tableware for our residents, as studies have shown that colour can be helpful when providing quality of care, with preferences towards red, blue and green.

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