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A big day for SJMT and the social care sector

Yesterday marked an important milestone for SJMT and others in the social care sector when one of Engage Britain’s key policies, the Green Badge, was debated in Parliament.

SJMT’s Deputy CEO, Zoe Richardson has been an integral part of this push for change, having been selected to work with Engage Britain as one of 15 people nationally to be a voice for social care providers and its staff.

Parking issues can cause a huge amount of unnecessary stress and cost for care workers and personal assistants who support people in their own homes, and as many care workers are not paid for their travelling time or parking costs, this can reduce their earnings at a time when they are already stretched.

A ‘Green Badge’ parking pass, much like the Blue Badge scheme for disabled people, would help alleviate some of this by allowing care workers to park where they need, freeing up time for visits and minimising stress and additional costs.

SJMT are so proud to represent the social care sector and be the voice of change for its workers. Well done to Zoe and the rest of the team at Engage Britain and we will keep you updated on any further progress.

Find out more about the proposed policy and hear Zoe’s thoughts about it here.

If you would like to see the debate, you can do that by clicking here:

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