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Trusted Assesor

We are really pleased to welcome our latest member of staff to Sir Josiah Mason Trust. Elisabeth Sheppard started as our new Trusted Assessor this week.


Elisabeth has over 8 nearly years experience working within adult social care both front line and at a strategic level as a development practitioner and practice lead. The Trusted Assessor model is being introduced on a national scale as part of the High Impact Change Model to reduce Delayed Transfers of Care. The impact of delayed transfers of care can have detrimental affects on a person’s wellbeing as well as having adverse effects on the wider health and social care system.


This is a new role and will be pivotal in reducing delayed transfers of care from acute and community hospital settings in Solihull. Elisabeth will work in close collaboration with multidisciplinary discharge teams and care home providers in order to, complete an assessments for patients deemed fit for discharge into a care home setting.

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