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Thank you Birmingham PA Forum

We are delighted to announce that Birmingham PA Forum & Birmingham PA Awards are supporting Sir Josiah Mason Trust this year.

The Forum is ran by a committee of 12 Personal, Executive and Virtual Assistants and has a network of over 300 peers from across the region who come together as they want to give back to the their local community. 

Daniel Skermer (Founder) said ‘Each member of the committee was asked to put forward a chosen charity of their choice and one very much close to each of their hearts is the Trust.  It was really important for the Forum to see  how any fundraising activity the members took part in would  make a difference to people’s lives.’ 

Committee members have already started the ball rolling with plans to start fundraising ASAP and as well as raising awareness of the work of the trust do to ensure residents including those with Dementia get additional support to enhance the quality of their lives.

Birmingham PA Forum who also support Love Brum aim to raise £6000.00 this year spread across the 2 partners with a  big focus for the majority to be raised on 20th July 2018 at the first Birmingham PA Awards.  Daniel said 'We are really looking forward to working with David and the Trust colleagues.'

Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out more about this exciting new partnership.

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