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Residents Scrutiny Panel

On the 12th September 2018, the inaugural meeting of a new Residents Scrutiny Panel

was held. 


The Trust have come together to form this Panel in partnership with other local

Almshouses; Harborne Parish Lands Charity, Lench’s Trust and Yardley Great Trust. 

As charities, we are all committed to providing the best possible services for our residents

and with this in mind, we formed the panel which will be co-ordinated by Yvonne Davies,

Managing Director of Scrutiny & Empowerment Partners Ltd. 


The Panel will consist of around 12 residents drawn from each of the charities, who will help to scrutinise the quality of our services from their unique perspective as residents.

We will post more updates in the coming weeks, so please keep checking this page to stay up to date.

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