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Partnership with Yardley Great Trust Group

SJMT is excited to share that it will be working in even greater partnership in the coming months with one of our closest partners & neighbours, Yardley Great Trust Group. Yardley Great Trust which has its origins in the fourteenth century when it was founded by John de Yerdeley, is currently without a Chief Executive and SJMT has agreed to share Executive Teams with the Trust during 2023, whilst Trustees at Yardley agree their plans for the future.

This agreement builds on an existing relationship between the two Trusts which are very similar in regard to activity and size and will have minimal impact on residents and staff at SJMT. This comes at a time when SJMT has strengthened its management infrastructure and is therefore well placed to support Yardley Great Trust.

We hope that this partnership will lead to more collaborative working and greater opportunities and benefits for our residents and staff.

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