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Meet our new Young People's Service Manager

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

We are really excited to introduce you to Barnaby Norris, our new Young People’s Services Manager. Barnaby joined us at the end of November and plans are really coming together for the launch of our new service later this year. Our new service will be for care experienced young people and will be the first time we have directly delivered support to young people since the closure of our orphanage and school 1959.

Barnaby said...

'My name is Barnaby, and I am the new Young Peoples Services Manager here at SJMT.

I am interested in listening to young people and doing the right thing for them.

Too often during my career I have felt pressure to do things the ‘right way’ and the reality is that often this approach just doesn’t really work for young people.

My journey with SJMT may have only just started - but I am so excited to have found an organisation with the ambition to find meaningful solutions for young people.

Born out of this ambition is our brand-new Shine project which has been co-designed with young people. We will offer relational and practical support to care leavers and care experienced young people, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their aspirations.

It is so exciting that after more than 60 years SJMT will be standing side by side with young people once again.'

We can't wait to tell you more about our new service very soon!

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