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Housing Services - Residents Surveys 2022 - 2023

As part of the launch of our latest Impact Report, we now look to the second section - Housing Services which focuses on the Residents Surveys from April 2022 to March 2023.

We adopted the Star (Survey of Tenants and Residents) in 2019, however the Housing Regulator replaced this in 2023 with the Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM) and it became compulsory for registered providers to collect this information annually. The TSM is a set of performance measures with six core questions that all housing providers must as their residents and all providers must publish their performance

Key points of the 2022-2023 surveys showed that:

  • We have seen improvements and exceeded satisfaction in all but two areas

  • Satisfaction with overall service provided - 99%

  • Satisfaction that landlord is easy to deal with - 96%

  • Satisfaction with the value for money of rent - 93%

  • Satisfaction with the value for money of service charges - 91% This has remained at this level for three years, is way above the national average and is higher than satisfaction in comparable organisations.

  • Satisfaction that the landlord provides a safe and secure home - 93%

  • Satisfaction that landlord listens to / acts upon tenants’ views - 91%

  • Overall satisfaction remains very high and there has only been a slight decrease in one area, 'management of enquiries' and this is only a 2% decrease.

  • Residents reported a 13% increase in satisfaction in the support we provide to vulnerable residents.

The top three priorities have remained the same year on year and these are: Repairs & Maintenance. Overall quality of home and Keeping residents informed.

To view the report in full, please click here,

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1 commentaire

Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher
21 sept. 2023

Annual Impact Report: Very interesting thank you - a successful operation

Please note. It's not correct to write that a change from say 25% to 20% represents a 5% drop - that should be described as a 20% drop or a 5 [percentage] point drop.

Michael Fisher [resident]

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