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Care Services - Residents Survey Results 2022 -2023

Our Residents Survey offers a snapshot into how residents experience the care and support given and includes feedback from residents at Alexandra House, covering a wide demographic including long term residents, new arrivals and those leaving the service.

We were delighted that feedback received in the 2022 - 2023 survey period showed that 100% of residents agreed or strongly agreed with all statements thanks to continued efforts undertaken by SJMT and the hard work of staff.

Here is a small snapshot of the survey results:

  • As in previous years, 100% of residents felt that our staff have treated them with respect and dignity and those answering that they strongly agree increased from 75% to 83%.

  • When asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how likely residents are to recommend SJMT, on average the score was 10

  • When asked on a scale of 1 to 10 how residents would rate their experience, on average the score was 9

  • This year, for the second year running, 100% of respondents felt that they received relevant and sufficient information about the service

  • For the third consecutive year, 100% of residents strongly felt that they have been listened to by our staff compared to 96% in 2019. This year 90% strongly agreed compared to 75% last year

  • 100% of residents felt that staff provide the right kind of support and care. The number strongly agreeing with this statement also increased from 85% last year, to 88% this year

  • The number of residents who felt that staff had supported them to do what they want also remained at 100%

  • 100% of our residents agreed that staff at SJMT had helped them feel safe

  • 100% of residents felt that they had input into their care plan. This strongly reflects SJMT's approach to celebrate person centred care; care which recognises people’s strengths and the importance of enabling and empowering people to be involved and make their own choices about their care

  • We were pleased to see that yet again that 100% of residents felt that their beliefs and wishes had been respected (should it apply to them)

  • All respondents reported feeling comfortable at Alexandra House and 100% said that they had taken part in activities and enjoyed them

  • 100% of residents said that they felt the food was of a good standard and they enjoyed it

We were delighted that in no areas did residents report dissatisfaction, however there were a few areas we would like to see an improvement in the percentage of people who 'strongly agree'. If you would like to read about these areas or view the full Impact Report click here.

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