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A Big Thank You!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

We would like to take this time to say a big thank you to our supporters, who are helping make this Christmas extra special for our residents. Here are just some of the ways that you are getting involved:

A great big "Thank You" to Tesco superstore Stratford Road and Gillian Smith for the donation's made to the residents of our residential care home. I

A massive "Thank you" to Chloe Seaman-Yeates and Luke Riley for the selection boxes you have brought in for the residents of our Care Homes. We really appreciate your kindness

Thank you to Kelly Rivers for the beautiful Christmas Grotto she created for all the residents of Alexandra Court.

Thank you so much Stephen Palmer for the flower delivery today brought a smile to many faces

A big "Thank you" to Terri and little Delilah, for the donation of festive treats for the residents of Alexandra House to enjoy over Christmas.

If anyone would like to make a donation to the care homes, please get in contact with :-

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