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Oak Tree House

Designed and built in the late 1960s on the Bournville Village Estate, Oak Tree House is close to shops and parks, and has good transport links. It is also very near to both Bournville and Selly Oak Meeting Houses, and to the Quaker Study Centre, Woodbrooke. 
Oak tree House.jpg
There are 18 flats at Oak Tree House, consisting mainly of single flats (including a guest flat) plus two large double flats, on two floors with lift access.  There is a Warden and other staff who are around during the day and are always ready to assist and support.  The building is surrounded by lovely gardens and green spaces, and there are secure parking facilities for cars and scooters. 
On the ground floor there is a large, bright dining room and a comfortable,  where birthday parties and social events are held.

Each flat is self-contained, and furnished by the resident.   There is a community alarm service in every flat and a shared laundry area with both washing and drying facilities and there are also two large freezers available for use.

The communal areas are cleaned everyday, and individual flats can have separate arrangements for support with laundry and cleaning services.

Oak Tree Room BG-double-flat.jpg
Oak Tree House with strret name.jpg

Birmingham is a vibrant city, with many beautiful parks and formal gardens, and a rich cultural life.  There are concerts, theatres, art galleries, museums and sporting events throughout the city.  The transport links to the city are first-rate, with train services to most parts of the country, and an international airport.  Bournville is only 15 minutes from the city centre by car and is on a cross-city train line.

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