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Families in Crisis Appeal 


Our vision is of a World where everyone, regardless of age or circumstances, can feel secure, have opportunities and to thrive. 

Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on many lives and food poverty is expected to increase dramatically within the coming months. 

As a charity, one of our main objects is to support children and young people in need and in the West Midlands, many children and their families are facing a winter of extreme hardship.  In the coming months, we will be supporting local families and working in partnership with a range of organisations to ensure that many young people get access to food and essential items they might otherwise do without.

Please check our website for more information in the coming weeks.  You can also help us help those most in need by donating to our latest appeal.

Food Parcels

Read more about how our partnership with Essentials Delivery will reach 30 families each week.

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