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Dementia Doors wraps

Alex House Decoration4.jpg
Alex House Decoration 3.jpg

New door wraps and chairs at Alexandra House

Alex House Decoration2.jpg
Alex House Dining Chairs by Window.jpg
Alexs House back of seats.jpg

Alexandra House has recently been awarded bursary monies to make developments to the building.

Sir Josiah Mason Trust would like to thank Solihull Council for this money. The money has been used to re-decorate throughout the service, change the accessibility features and provide residents with new chairs and coffee tables, not to mention the new dementia family door wraps that are now on everyone’s bedroom doors.


Plain doors in a dementia environment such as a care home or hospital department can be confusing for residents. Our specially designed Dementia Door wraps have enhanced the environment, making it easier for people with Dementia and Alzheimers to find their way around Alexandra House.


A corridor of different coloured doors have brightened up the decor and will stimulate recognition.


For any more information or queries at Sir Josiah Mason Trust call us on 012 245 1002 or email us at

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