The Covid-19 pandemic has been extremely challenging for our residents, their relatives and our staff.  We have worked tirelessly to keep people informed and safe during these challenging times and this has meant that there have been many changes to the ways in which we deliver services and support.  This page provides more information about how Covid-19 is affecting our services.


Housing Services

We continue to offer direct support and a responsive maintenance service to residents in line with Government Guidance on social distancing and use of PPE.  However, there have been some changes including:

  • All residents meetings remain cancelled

  • All guest room bookings cancelled and guest rooms closed for use until further notice

  • All external groups using our communal facilitates will remain cancelled

  • All resident group activities should be cancelled including coffee mornings and informal get-togethers.

  • The computers in any communal areas will remain out of use

  • We advise that all unnecessary visitors do not enter communal areas and that you adhere to the guidelines that households do not mix.

  • All communal areas are closed for use


If a resident develops a new persistent cough, lose their sense of taste/smell, or develops a temperature, they should self-isolate for 10 days and contact 111 for guidance and to arrange a Covid-19 test.   As SJMT want to support all of our residents appropriately, we would ask that residents inform their support worker via phone if they need to self-isolate.  This way we can assure that everyone receives support, that we look after our staff and make the right decisions moving forwards.


Care Services

For guidance on visiting Alexandra House and Alexandra Court, please contact the Service Manager of the relevant site. 


Head Office

Our main office remains open and complies with social distancing guidance.  We welcome visits for deliveries and essential visitors, including tradespeople.  All visitors are required to use the NHS Track & Trace App if they enter the building and Staff will take the temperature of any persons who enters the building and record it on the visitors signing sheet. If a visitor refuses to have their temperature checked they will not be able to enter the building. If the visitors temperature is too high (in the RED zone the visitor will be asked to return in 15 minutes to see if they have “cooled down” if they have not they will not be able to enter.


Risk Assessment

SJMT has a Covid Risk Assessment which is available on request.


More information

In response to the challenges Covid-19 has presented to local people, we have responded in a number of ways, including providing additional support to residents including shopping and food parcels, to supporting a local food bank.  To read more about our current Families in Crisis Appeal, please click here.