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Emergency Cornavirus appeal



  • Covid-19 is having a significant impact on our income.

  • We continue to provide vital support to some of our most vulnerable residents during a time of extreme uncertainty.

  • Just £5 can help us continue to give physical and emotional support to protect those most at risk from Covid-19.

  • Help us help those in your local community who are most vulnerable, now.

  • All donations will go straight into our emergency fund that is exclusively for supporting individuals and services most at risk.

At SJMT, we have the best part of 300 residents isolating either in their homes in housing services or in our care services and some of these will have no access to the internet or family support.


During this pandemic, our staff are working extra hard, going beyond the call of duty on the front line and putting our own lives at risk every day to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of our vulnerable residents. Thanks to the services we are providing, we are helping to relieve pressures off the local NHS hospitals.


The spirit at SJMT has always been strong but during this pandemic, the sense of community has been uplifting and boosted moral across staff and residents.


The trust has maintained daily housing support to our residents through our dedicated staff. Our support workers ensure we have contact with every resident, every day.


Thank you for supporting us. No matter how large or small your donation is, it can help us help more people.

Please click on our ‘donate’ button to support us straight away.

Thank you.

The SJMT Team

Painting at Alex House 28-04-2020_Edit (

“It is a huge relief for me that my 90 year old father, Ted, is being so well looked after by the wonderful and special staff at SJMT.

Knowing he is receiving great care and has company during this pandemic when we, his family are unable to visit him,

fills me with gratitude.”

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