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Volunteering Day 2018 – Wesleyan Assurance

Following a hugely successful day last year, where several volunteers from Wesleyan Assurance in Birmingham came and helped do some environmental work at the back of our Alexandra House, our residential care home, in Olton. They have returned in 2018, this year to Mason Cottages in Erdington, Birmingham.  They have planted bulbs such as daffodils and crocuses, cut back hedges as well as cleaned and tidied borders.

Mason cottages volunteering day.jpg

Judith Toase, Scheme Manager at Mason Cottages said...

Mason cottages volunteering day 2.jpg

"The Volunteers from Wesleyan Assurance were very enthusiastic in their gardening and managed to attack several areas of the Scheme which had been neglected.  The overall opinion from the Residents was that they had done a wonderful job and could they come back again please?"

mason cottages volunteering day 1.jpg
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