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Partnership with St Paul’s Development Trust

An exciting new partnership has  been agreed between Sir Josiah Mason Trust and St Paul’s Community Development Trust. The aim of the partnership is to promote inter-generational understanding between St Paul’s school pupils (aged 11-16) and older people living in Sir Josiah Mason Trust’s residential accommodation.

This will be achieved through organised activities where school pupils will engage with residents , learn about their lives, share activities and have fun. In addition Sir Josiah Mason Trust will be offering work experience to pupils and offering bursaries to help pupils achieve their career ambitions.


St Paul’s Chief Executive Dave Cusack said “ we are really pleased to be working with Josiah Mason Trust’s residents and staff and I am sure our pupils will make a positive impact in all the activities they undertake.  We are particularly grateful for the bursary scheme which will offer pupils a step up in the career goals and we look forward to seeing pupils entering the world of work through the programme.


Sir Josiah Mason Trust Chief Executive David Healey said “We are delighted to work in partnership with St Paul’s.  This partnership enables us to make a real difference to the lives of both young people and older adults and builds on our 150 year history of intergenerational  support.  We live in an increasingly segregated society and recent research has shown the significant benefits of bringing young people and older adults together, particularly those in residential care, can have.’

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