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A new look for the Trust

We are pleased to announce that this month we are launching our new logo.  We felt that with the launch of our new Strategy and the advent of our 150th anniversary, we needed a logo that better represented the Trust today and our ambitions for the future.

We wanted our logo to show that we are a modern, forward thinking organisation with a proud history of over 150 years of putting ‘people at (the) heart’ of all that we do. 

Conversations with many residents, Trustees, staff & members of the public told us that the current logo was not popular and the strapline did not reflect that we also support disadvantaged young people and adults. 

Our new logo uses a clear, contemporary font and our current colours with a new heart shaped ‘M’ symbol.  We chose the heart as our symbol as it not only represents the M in ‘Mason’, but as we put people at the heart of all we do, we are based at the heart of England and our founders motto for the trust was ‘Do deeds of love’.  We also believe that as we increase awareness of the Trust and our work, having a symbol will make it easier for people to identify us.



We start using the new logo during February but there will be a transition period whilst we use up what is left of our current stationery etc. We will update the logo on our website, however we plan to undertake a wider update to the site later in the year.

As 2018 is the 150th anniversary of the Trust, we have also developed a commemorative logo which features the face of Sir Josiah Mason.  This was the logo of the Trust before the current ‘leaves’ logo.

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