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Resident Involvement Champion

A care home which is open to the local community can provide many benefits to the residents by means of interaction with the community outside its doors.

Going out can support independence, resilience, self-esteem, group solidarity and individual mobility. Bringing the “outside” in, can widen residents’ horizons, multiply services, combat loneliness and depression, and break down stereotypes. SJMT recognised that our residents needed someone they can talk to about their wishes, wants and ideas for activities in and out of the care home. We are delighted to announce that Tracey Smith our carer at Alexandra House has taken on the role of Resident Involvement Champion.

Having this new position, she will provide all residents staff and relatives a key person to discuss activities, interests and make any suggestions with. This designated staff member will be champion for the views of our residents and look to encourage a community spirt.

Tracey Smith

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