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    Care Leavers Week

This week is National Care Leavers’ Week (24th-31st October)


The week was formed to celebrate the successes and to highlight the challenges faced by many care leavers. 


Over 30,000 young people leave the care system in the England each year.  Most young people in care leave to live independently by the age of 18, but just over 30% stay with their foster family up to the age of 21. Leaving home is a challenge for everyone, but many of those who leave care, do so without the support of a caring family.


Sir Josiah Mason Trust provided a home to over 4500 young people between the ages of 3 to 16 between 1868 and 1960 at our Orphanage in Erdington.  Even as early as the 1850’s, the Trust provided Almshouses to young girls who lived alongside older women. 


In the coming years, we want to increase the support we provide to young people and donations and the support of fundraisers to help us achieve our ambition.  

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